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Heated Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer Key Features.
CE marked and suitable for compliance monitoring per 40 CFR part 60 method 25A and part 503 applications. Compare the 3000HM to what you are currently using. View the CEN 12619 Report and MCERTS Certificate.

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3-RU case, all features standard and flexible remote control features make the 3000HM a better choice for CEMS integration. Extendable 2-year warranty with routine cleaning and adjustment, stocked spare parts, rental units and lifetime application support.

Regulators and adjustments are protected from shock and accidental misadjustment within the instrument case. Pressures and flows are adjustable only within reasonable safe operating limits and can be monitored on the operator display.

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Download the 3000HM Operating Manual



Modular design and open chassis of the 3000HM hydrocarbon analyzer allow easy access.

hydrocarbon analyzer view

1. Power Supply

2. Electronics

3. Air Catalyst

4. Pump

5. Transducers

6. Regulators

7. FID Section


HC gas sampling

The excellent design of the heated sample inlet allows the quick replacement of the cleanable heated 0.4µ filter element during operation, without risk of burns. A 1/4-turn tool is used to remove, securely handle and reassemble the sample inlet.

Softkey operator interface, intuitive menus informative displays allow new operators to get started quickly and easily. All operational parameters are viewable from the operator's status screen.
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