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General Specifications: Signal Instruments Model 3000HM
Automated Heated Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer for total hydrocarbon measurement per 40 CFR part 60, Method 25A and CFR 40 part 503.
View the CEN 12619 Report and MCERTS for this gas analyzer.

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The Model 3000HM features a heated detector and sampling system and is ideal for total hydrocarbon measurement in a variety of continuous emission monitoring, process control and research applications

Detector Flame Ionization Detector (FID), heated to 191° C
Ranges Eight Ranges: 0-4 through 0-10,000 ppm hydrocarbon (up to 0-10% option available). Auto-ranging standard. Calibration as methane or propane.
Gas Supplies Fuel (40% H2 /He) required. 1/4" Swagelock tube fittings for calibration gas inlet. Combustion air internally generated from ambient using a heated catalyst.
Zero Air Internally generated from pressurized catalytic air supply. External zero gas may also be used
Sample System Type 316 SS, internal 191° C sampling components and sample pump. Suitable for total hydrocarbon monitoring in conformance with USEPA 40 CFR method 25A.
Sample Filter 0.4 micron 191° C heated PTFE filter, operator field replaceable
Ignition, Automatic Glow plug with fuel enrichment via automatic internal air control solenoid valve. Reliable self-lighting and relighting.
Safety General purpose enclosure, CE certification for safety and EMI Interlocks: Flame, catalyst and oven temperature, fuel, sample and air pressure inhibit sample path and fuel supply valves. Fail-safe instrument design.
Display 240 x 64 pixel back-lit LCD display shows hydrocarbon concentration, units and gas in large characters, vertical analog bar with alarm markers, flow indication, range, control and message area. Soft-key menu control for full analyzer status and parameter set
Outputs 0-10V DC and isolated 4-20 mA analog outputs of hydrocarbon concentration, Volt-free relay contacts for analyzer fault indication. Bi-directional RS-232 serial communication/remote control.
Power Requirements Switch selectable 115 VAC or 230 VAC (+/-15%), 50 Hz and 60 Hz compatible. Standard IEC 320 receptacle input
Power Consumption 600 VA max. power consumption during warm up
Dimensions 19" rack mounting 3RU, 5.25" (300mm) height. 20.7" (525mm) depth behind panel, 35 lb
Operating Conditions Ambient temperature 5-40 degree C, Relative humidity up to 95%, non-condensing
Warm Up Time 30 minutes, full rated accuracy in 1 hour
Options Hydrogen fuel for ambient VOC monitoring. Non-methane total hydrocarbon version
Response Time <1.5 seconds (T5-T95%) typical
Flow Rate 0.4 to 3.0 l/min
Accuracy & Repeatability Better than +/-1% range or +/-0.2ppm, whichever greater. Zero Drift: less than 0.1ppm per 8 hours
Ambient Temperature Effects Zero: less than +/-0.15ppm/ degree C or +/-0.02% of range/ degree C
Span: less than +/-0.1% of range/ degree C
Detector Noise Less than +/-0.1ppm or +/-0.1% of range, whichever greater. Programmable time constants may be configured to suit application sample noise
Linearity Better than +/-2% of point or +/-0.5% FSD on all ranges down to 10% of range
Sensitivity 30 ppB as methane
Carbon Number Correlation Less than 5% difference in carbon count ( response factor ) between toluene, hexane, propylene and propane, when using H2/He fuel
Oxygen Synergism less than 2% effect when using H2/He fuel


total hydrocarbon analyzer
Heated Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer Model 3000HM

The Signal Instruments model 3000HM is a superior new totally-heated FID-based hydrocarbon analyzer. It has been designed from the ground up to be accurate, reliable and easily maintained. In operation, the instrument is safe, simple, quiet and highly stable. The 3000HM features a catalytic internal air supply and requires no external sources of zero gas or detector combustion air, sets up quickly and is designed for minimal power consumption.

The hydrocarbon analyzer has a totally automatic microprocessor-based operation including: auto-ignition, auto-calibration, auto-range with ID and auto-purge on shutdown. This makes the instrument ideal as a "smart" stand-alone unit or as a "building block" for systems integration via a RS-232 communications port. Automatic diagnostics and fully-configurable alarms are also integral to the hydrocarbon analyzer.
A large multifunction, backlit LCD provides a clear display of hydrocarbon concentration measurement, range, sample flowrate and the status of critical operating parameters (oven, catalyst and flame temperatures, fuel, air and sample pressures, DC and bias power supplies). The intuitive, menu-driven interface and soft key buttons enable the operator to quickly configure and control the monitor's function. The unit features 19" rack mounting at 3 RU height and a weight of only 35 Lb. It has a dual voltage capability of 115 VAC and 230 VAC, selectable from the rear panel. CE marked.

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