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Model 3010P is a self-contained portable 191-degree, heated FID hydrocarbon analyzer and is suitable for use as a stack testing reference instrument or temporary CEMS. A 5-meter heated sample line and built-in controller are included with this package.

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Product Features: Signal Instruments Model 3010P Portable Heated Hydrocarbon Analyzer



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Download the 3010P MiniFID Opertaion Manual
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The model 3010P MiniFID is a self-contained, portable heated total hydrocarbon analyzer with a built-in heated sample line controller and detachable bottle rack for fuel and calibration gas cylinders (cylinders not included). Standard connections allow the use of larger, remotely-located gas cylinders for use in temporary continuous or extended operation. The 3010P uses the same sample-handling and heated flame ionization detection components as the microprocessor-powered 3000HM Hydrocarbon Analyzer. A 5 or 10 meter, Series 500 Heat-traced Sample Line is included.



Easily carried to the jobsite and simple to operate,
the 3010P MiniFID is nonetheless a serious professional
tool with a 191 °C heated flame ionization detector
and gas sampling components.

All operator controls are accessible and easy to master. The carrying handle and sling connection points may be used to hoist the instrument up to a sampling platform or secure the unit in position.

Operators information card contains easy instructions to get started quickly. Shown with removable control cover fitted.

When starting, parameter interlocks ensure that the detector and heated sample umbilical (when fitted) are at sufficient temperature for correct sampling. Operator control and adjustment is through familiar discrete switches and locking dial potentiometers. Tubing connections are standard 1/4" stainless steel compression fittings.

Analog outputs for concentration and range identification are made through a standard, 15-pin D-subminiature cable connection that is easily accessible, yet well protected.




The 3010P MiniFID features solid state analog electronics. It is designed to be simple and easy to operate and is suitable for a majority of total hydrocarbon applications testing applications requiring a flame ionization detector. It has a robust design as is desirable for stack testing and frequent field work.




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