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Model 3010 MiniFID Portable Heated Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer. CE marked and suitable for compliance monitoring per 40 CFR part 60 method 25A and part 503 applications. View the CEN 12619 Report

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Flame Ionization Detector (FID), heated detector


0-10, 0-100, 0-1000, 0-10,000 ppm hydrocarbon as propane or methane. (0-10% option)

Gas Supplies

Detachable bottle rack to hold 1 liter FID fuel and hydrocarbon calibration gas bottles. Standard connections for larger compressed gas cylinders.

Combustion Air

Carbon scrubber cartridge; field replaceable without tools.

Sample System

Type 316 stainless steel, internal 191degree C oven, FID detector and sample pump.

Sample Filter

Heated Hydrocarbon-free 0.4 micron PTFE filter, field replaceable.


Glow plug with FID fuel enrichment via front-panel needle valve and flow meter.

Safety Interlocks

FID Fuel shut off on flame-out, sample inhibit until oven and heated line are at operating temperature.


3.5 digit backlit LCD display for hydrocarbon concentration reading (ppm), switch selectable readout of oven and sample line temperatures

Heated Sample Line

Built-in controller and 5 or 10 meter heated gas sample line are included.


0-10V DC and isolated 4-20mA analog outputs of displayed range. Volt-free contact closures to indicate range.

Power Requirements

115VAC +/-15%

Power Consumption

350VA plus 400VA (5 meter) or 800VA (10 meter) max. power during warm up


Monitor: 7Kg, 210mm(w) x 300(h) x 240(d). Gas bottle rack and bottles add 113 mm to depth and 5Kg.

Operating Conditions

Ambient temperature 5-40 degree C, Relative humidity up to 95%, non-condensing.


Hydrogen fuel for ambient VOC monitoring. 10 meter sample line

Response Time

< 2 seconds (T5-T95%) at 2 liters/min flow rate.

Flow Rate

0.4 to 3.0 l/min

Accuracy & Repeatability

Better than +/-1% range or +/-0.2ppm, whichever greater.

Ambient Temperature Effects

Zero: less than +/-0.15ppm / degree C or +/-0.02% of range / degree C
Span: less than +/-0.1% of range/ degree C

Detector Noise

Less than +/-0.1ppm or +/-0.1% of range, whichever is greater.


Better than +/-2% of point or +/-0.5% full-scale-deflection on all ranges down to 10% of range

Carbon Number Correlation

Less than 5% difference in carbon count ( response factor ) between toluene, hexane, propylene and propane, when using H2/He fuel.

Oxygen Effect

100ppm C3H8 in Air vs. 100ppm in N2 has less than 2% effect when using H2He fuel.

3010P MiniFID Operation Manual
Data Sheet for MiniFID Pure Portable HFID Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer
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Please note that standard small-sized compressed gas cylinders of either refillable or disposable type are available from your local gas supplier and are supplied only optionally and unfilled with our portable equipment. This is a U.S. DOT requirement. We will be happy to specify the correct item to your compressed gas vendor.

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