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The Model 4000VM heated vacuum chemiluminescence NO/NOx analyzer can measure from 0-4 ppm up to 0-10,000 ppm and it's heated design allows raw exhaust measurement without NO2 loss!

gas analyzers
Series III



Dual Gas IR Analyzer

Measure multiple gases by gas filter correlation plus paramagnetic oxygen measurement all in a single analyzer!



Model 9000MGA Multigas Analyser


The Model 9000MGA is a Series III microprocessor-based gas analyzer featuring gas filter correlation infrared measurement and a paramagnetic oxygen module. Up to three gases may be measured in a single 3 RU high standard Series III instrument case.
High and low concentration analyzers employ a unique dual length optical path for drift-free, linear operation.


2 or 3 channel

Fast Response

3 Ranges per channel

AK Protocol

4-20mA & 0-10V
Chart outputs

Menu Diagnostics

2 year warranty

Available in the following
standard configurations:
  • CO+CO2
  • CO+CO2+O2
  • CO+NO
  • CO+ NO+O2
  • HiCO+LoCO
  • HiCO+LoCO+O2
Consult the factory for other configurations not shown

We are pretty excited about getting this product. We have fielded many questions in the past and turned away countless product inquiries for high accuracy, multigas applications. As far as we know, this is the only multigas GFC/IR gas analyzer available anywhere. This equipment can also be outfitted with a paramagnetic oxygen module.
Based on the proven, 7000FM Series GFC/IR and Model 8000M Paramagnetic oxygen gas analyzers, the 9000MGA is a much higher quality alternative to drifty single beam and fuel cell oxygen multigas analyzers that are currently available.
Save yourself the trouble and disappointment of buying something that won't work properly. The 9000MGA is available now

This is a dry-basis measuring instrument so it must be used on a dry or conditioned gas stream. A series 200 gas conditioner or similar chiller will work without problems.

Applications for the 9000MGA include:

Environmental compliance
Combustion research
Process monitoring
Gas Turbine Emissions

Automotive Emissions


Available Ranges (per channel)

A: 100,500,1000ppm
B: 1000,5000,10000ppm
C: 1,5,10%
D: 5,10,20%
E: 20,50,100%


9000MGA CO / CO2
9000MGA CO / CO2 / O2
9000MGA NO / CO
9000MGA NO / CO / O2
9000MGA CO (low) / CO (high)
9000MGA CO (low) / CO (high) / O2




    catalytic oxidizer


Recent Project:
K2BW was selected by Lohmann Therapy Systems to supply and commission a basic outlet hydrocarbon CEMS to be used to measure and switch between the outlets of two Durr-supplied Thermal Oxidizers. The system was delivered and commissioned in the West Caldwell, NJ facility. The system features a single model 3000HM Heated Hydrocarbon Analyzer, heated switching valve and dual sample line. Its design is readily expandable to inlet/outlet configuration in anticipation of future compliance requirements.

    hydrocarbon cems


    catalytic oxidizer


Recent Project:
K2BW was selected by Kodak Polychrome Graphics to supply and commission a complete inlet/outlet hydrocarbon CEMS. Installed on a thermal oxidizer at KPG's Windsor, Colorado facility.
Shown here during factory acceptance testing, the system features an integral hydrogen fuel generator supply for the Signal FIDs and a complete Windows 2000 compatible DAS. Operator control is through the PC or CEMS front panel and the system is enabled with remote diagnostics features. Data integrity and recovery is through a combination of local PLC, PC and network archiving and an integrated UPS.

    hydrocarbon cems




3030PM Portable Heated FID
Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer

Which heated hydrocarbon analyzer is right for you application?

Both feature the same excellent product quality, high accuracy measurement and wide dynamic range. Each has full microprocessor control features, programable alarms and an internal catalyst zero air supply.

3000HM Heated FID
Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer

  • Auto-Start
  • Auto Range Change
  • Manual & Remote Control
  • 4-20mA, 0-10 Volts, RS232
  • Auto-Calibration Adjustment
  • Totally Heated
  • CE Marked

The complete line of advanced technology gas analyzers technical data and manuals can be found here.

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