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- CEMS Reliability Modifications
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- Replacement Analyzers & CEMS
- Repairs, Spares, and Service

K2BW provides shop repairs & field service to gas analyzers & CEMS. We have experience in the repair of all manufacturers' equipment. CEMS annual service agreements are available, as well as emergency calls. We offer fast service, reasonable rates, and experienced technicians. On-site repair of environmental gas monitors is our specialty. We maintain continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS) for all manufacturers. Installation, retrofit, and redesign services are available. All work is guaranteed.


Our experienced, trained technicians will repair your gas analyzer in a timely and professional manner. We can perform component-level repairs of gas analyzers. Repairs are completed in accordance with all applicable regulations and best technical practice, using the manufacturer's published technical materials. Our repair shop has a sophisticated ability to reproduce gas analyzer failures under a variety of simulated operating conditions. We offer free estimates and a 12-month warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

Parts and Supplies
We stock a wide array of perfluoroalkoxy alkane (PFA) & fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) Teflon, Viton®, and stainless steel tubing is sizes popular for analytical instrumentation applications. We offer probe filters and gas analyzer protection filters as well as replacement elements. We also stock a variety of gas analyzer parts, complete gas sampling pumps, and parts for gas sampling pumps from major manufacturers such as KNF Neuberger, Air Dimensions (ADI), and ASF Thomas. All parts used in the repair of equipment and gas analyzers are OEM quality and meet or exceed the published performance criteria of the original equipment.

Calibration Laboratory
Our service facility includes a complete gas analyzer calibration capability. Our standards are documented to be NIST-traceable and all serviced gas analyzers and equipment are certified to meet or exceed all applicable US-EPA and state regulatory agency standards. A strip chart recording which documents gas analyzer response and performance is included with the calibrated equipment as well as a Certificate of Equipment Compliance where applicable.

Flexibility and Total Support
We can work under your P.M. plan, or develop one for you. We can inventory spare equipment and gas analyzer parts for you, at your site or ours. Our service contract customers can reach a CEMS tech support representative 24:00 a day. We can plan and execute emission monitoring equipment rental and installation for minimal disruption.

Speed and Competence
Call us and we will quickly dispatch thoroughly trained and properly equipped service technicians to your site. We can perform CEMS installation, startup, maintenance schedules, emergency repair, upgrades, and training of your personnel. We can repair CEMS regardless of age or manufacturer. We offer field services under contract or as needed.

Call for emergency service by 1:00PM and we'll be at your site the following business morning. Called-in parts orders by 4:30PM for stocked items will ship the same day. Call to rent an analyzer by 3:30PM and we'll and ship the same day. We perform field maintenance and repair services for CEMS OEMs. Emergency, nights, and weekend work are performed at no extra charge.

Product Lines Serviced

Advanced Pollution (API)
Alfa Laval
California Analytical (CAI)


Thermo Environmental (TECO)
Universal Analyzers
Western Research

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