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K2BW supplies a variety of gas sampling probes and sampling interfaces. Designs vary according to application. Call us at 215-830-8882 and we will be happy to assist you in selecting the proper probe for your application.





Gas Sampling Probes for Continuous Emission Monitoring and Stack Sampling

A gas sample extraction probe is designed for continuous extraction of gas from a process or exhaust stream. It is designed to be connected to a two-tube or three-tube heated Sample Umbilical and includes a strain relief grommet to secure the Umbilical. The basic probe includes an in-situ sintered metal filter which excludes particulate matter as the gas sample is withdrawn from the stream. A connection tee between the filter and the Umbilical tubes allows calibration gasses to be injected ahead of the sample line. The Umbilical, tee, and filter form a complete assembly that is fastened ttrough the mounting flange by a face sealing pipe union. The union can be opened for easy access to the filter as required for periodic inspection and maintenance. A variety of optional features are available according to application. Other configurations may include a heated, weather-proof enclosure, heated sample filter and back-purge capability.


Specifications: Gas Sampling Probe
(typical; other configurations are available)

      Filter, 10u sintered 316L Stainless Steel, Ceramic or TEFLON®
      Element Construction rolled & welded or seamless
      Open End Connection N.P.T. Nipple, Swagelock® tube compression fitting, etc.
      Porous Length 6", etc.
      Blind End Configuration, Plain End or shielded
      Various probe lengths, shielding, mounting and support arrangements available.
      All Materials 316L, Inconel, Hastalloy, Monel, etc., available appropriate for application.
      Strain relief grommet assembly or cable grip for Umbilical support.
      Umbilical Range Diameter 1.25" to 2.75"
      Mounting flange ANSI class 150 4" RF conforming with B16.5 and MSS-SP-51
      other available flange sizes 2" or greater.
      Heated and unheated versions.
      Air purgable versions w/ remote control or automatic timer operation
      We will incorporate your custom requirements.

      Designed especially for flue stack applications, Signal Instruments' Stack Sample Probe is a flange mounted unit consisting of a 12' sintered stainless steel coarse filter and a heated weatherproof enclosure that houses a backpurge solenoid valve. The probe is extendable and is supplied with standard compression fittings for connection to Signal heated sample lines. Requires 110 or 240 Vac.

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Gas Sampling Probes for Continuous Emission Monitoring and Stack Sampling

gas sampling probe

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