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Our CEMS are designed to integrate with your people and processes. We provide complete operator training, installation assistance and third-party certification as required.

  Continuous Emission Monitor System CEMS


K2BW CEMS Quality Construction

Each continuous emission monitoring system is carefully designed using the detailed manufacturer specifications and our CAD system to ensure that the individual components and gas analyzers work together and are easily maintained. Fully-assembled systems are tested to ensure conformity with USEPA standard practices, 40 CFR parts 60 and 75, calibration and drift requirements.

Design features that make sense

Emission monitoring equipment and services are intelligently located with test points and maintenance inspection items readily accessible. Adequate clearances for gas analyzer ventilation, vibration isolation and tool access are observed.


Our experience shows

During CEMS construction, each component is test fitted for design conformance prior to final panel finishing and assembly. Regular progress reports may be sent to clients via e-mail with detailed photos attached.

Attention to detail

Tubing, wiring and mechanical connections are made in accordance with all applicable codes and best engineering practice. All runs and bundles are well planned to present a clean, professional finished product.


This continuous emission monitoring system features a 3-bay purged, dust-tight enclosure, vortex generator cooling system, redundant battery backed-up, networked data aquisition. Both a wet-extractive (40 CFR Part 60, Method 25A) and a dry-extractive system, all gas analyzers have individually pushbutton-selectable redundant spares. In continuous operation monitoring steel mill EAF emissions, this system provides better than 98% data availability since installation.

CEMS on a network

Our production and testing facility is well equiped to manufacture multiple systems of emissions monitoring equipment. Systems can be built for any area classification or siting conditions and a wide selection of equipment racks and enclosures are available. We are experienced in the construction of monitoring trailers and transportable enclosure systems.



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