CEMS keeps getting you stuck?

"Turn-key" shouldn't mean if one part fails, the whole thing's broken.

It shouldn't be this much trouble, should it?

All the gee-whiz technology in the world won't matter if you're spending more and more time and money for less and less system availability?

We can help. We know i'ts really very simple:

It's got to all work. Together.On your process. Reliably.

Whether you have a new project requirement or a Continuous Emission Monitoring System that isn't, call us today and we'll show you how we can put our successful experience to work for you.




  • Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems for NO/NO2/NOX, SO2, O2, CO, CO2, THC, etc.

  • Mobile monitoring trailers and transportable enclosure CEMS.

  • Data Aquisition (DAS), control and reporting per 40CFR parts 60 and 75

  • Guaranteed performance certification and compliance with USEPA and state agency requirements.



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