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SIGNAL USA offers a complete product line of microprocessor-based gas analyzers. Series III models are available to measure carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), oxides of nitrogen (NO, NO2, NOx), oxygen (O2), sulfur dioxide (SO2), total hydrocarbon and non-methane total hydrocarbon.

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Microprocessor-based Gas Analyzers with Advanced Features

Auto-Start, Auto-Range Change, Range ID,
Manual & Remote contact control, RS232 (AK Protocol),
4-20mA and 0-10 Volt concentration outputs,
Auto-Calibration Adjustment, Programable alarms,
Switchable 110/240VAC 50/60 Hz operation, CE Marked

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Infrared Product Range Brochure

hydrocarbon analyzer 3000HM Heated FID
Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer

The best total hydrocarbon analyzer made
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nox gas analyzer 4000VM Heated Vacuum Chemiluminescence
NO/NO2/NOx Analyzer

191° C Sampling system and 0.4µ inlet filter, Cooled PMT detector, 0-4ppm to 10,000 ppm without NO2 loss.
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co gas analyzer 7000FM Series GFC/IR Gas Analyzers
for CO, CO2 or SO2
Gas Filter Correlation rotary filter system w/ Solid state detector
Models for R22, Methane, Nitrous Oxide, Nitric Oxide also available
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o2 gas analyzer 8000M Paramagnetic Oxygen Analyzer
Heated sensor to eliminate condensation and minimize drift.
For dry O2 measurement. 0-5%, 10%, 25% auto-range.
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so2 gas analyzer 9000M Series Multi Gas Analyzer

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ndir gas analyzer

Model 418 NDIR/Luft Gas Analyzer
Gas-filled, dual chamber detector for highly selective detection of
CO, CO2, SO2, NO, NH3, NF3, SF6, N2O, CFCs or Hydrocarbons
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portable hydrocarbon analyzer 3010P MINIFID Portable Heated FID
Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer

A three-gas FID featuring the same detection as the 3000HM. Comes with a 5m heated sample line and built-in controller. Manual operation without microprocessor control. Bottle rack may be detached for use with standard, full sized gas cylinders.
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Measure multiple gases by gas filter correlation plus paramagnetic oxygen measurement all in a single analyzer!





Model 9000MGA Multigas Analyser

Infrared Product Range Brochure

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The Model 9000MGA is a Series III microprocessor-based gas analyzer featuring gas filter correlation infrared measurement and a paramagnetic oxygen module. Up to three gases may be measured in a single 3 RU high standard Series III instrument case.
High and low concentration analyzers employ a unique dual length optical path for drift-free, linear operation.


2 or 3 channel

Fast Response

3 Ranges per channel

AK Protocol

4-20mA & 0-10V
Chart outputs

Menu Diagnostics

2 year warranty

Available in the following
standard configurations:
  • CO+CO2
  • CO+CO2+O2
  • CO+NO
  • CO+NO+O2
  • HiCO+LoCO
  • HiCO+LoCO+O2
Consult us for
other configurations
not shown here

We are excited about getting this product. We have fielded many questions in the past and turned away countless product inquiries for high accuracy, multigas applications. As far as we know, this is the only multigas GFC/IR gas analyzer available anywhere. This equipment can also be outfitted with a paramagnetic oxygen module.
Based on the proven, 7000FM Series GFC/IR and Model 8000M Paramagnetic oxygen gas analyzers, the 9000MGA is a much higher quality alternative to drifty single beam and fuel cell oxygen multigas analyzers that are currently available.
Save yourself the trouble and disappointment of buying something that won't work properly. The 9000MGA is available now:

The standard 3-rack unit tall, Series III instrument case will have up to three sets of keypads and operator displays on the front panel. Each channel may be operated seperately (as a seperate gas analyzer) and plumbing connections may be easily configured at the rear panel for this type of operation. This is a dry-basis measuring instrument so it must be used on a dry or conditioned gas stream. A series 200 gas conditioner or similar chiller will work without problems.

Applications for the 9000MGA include:

Environmental compliance
Combustion research
Process monitoring
Gas Turbine Emissions
Automotive Emissions


Available Ranges (per channel)

A: 100,500,1000ppm
B: 1000,5000,10000ppm
C: 1,5,10%
D: 5,10,20%
E: 20,50,100%
*Low ranges available to 0-10ppm


9120MGA CO / CO2
9128MGA CO / CO2 / O2
9160MGA NO / CO
9168MGA NO / CO / O2

9250MGA CO2 / CH4
9258MGA CO2 / CH4 / O2
*9000MGA CO (low) / CO (high)
*9000MGA CO (low) / CO (high) / O2



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